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The North East’s much loved Vera to end after season 14

Posted on by Jo Macleod

ITV has today announced that much loved North East drama series, Vera, will come to an end after its next season (14).

Despite the sad news today that this will be the final season of the much-loved Vera series, North East Screen is keen to celebrate what the team at Silverprint and ITV has accomplished across its 13 seasons, soon to be 14. From award nominations to ratings successes both in the UK and abroad; Vera has been an integral part of the growth of the screen industries in the North East. The impact the series has had not just on the North East screen sector, but on our region as a whole, is a true testament to everyone working on the show and at ITV to bring Ann Cleeve’s story of DCI Vera Stanhope to life.

Vera will bow out at a time when production has tripled in the region with 12 productions already confirmed to be filming in 2024 and the North East Production Fund setting its sights firmly on attracting a high-end returning drama series. North East Screen’s Film Office is currently supporting the production team at Silverprint with their production needs as they begin to film season 14. We are sure this final season will be another incredible hit with viewers across the globe.

We are hiring – come work for the North East Screen family!

Posted on by North East Screen

We are looking for two people to join us as Development Coordinator and Skills Coordinator and continue to develop and support the North East’s film and TV industry.

If you love film and TV, have solid admin skills, a creative eye and want to make an impact then the Development Coordinator role may be just right for you. You’ll be part of the Talent and Business Development team helping to support North East companies and talent to land opportunities and thrive.

There’ll be a number of administrative duties you’ll have to do and be first port of call for all development related enquiries, as well as assisting the wider team with events and content creation.

Apply now for the Development Coordinator role.

If you fancy helping people get work in film and TV and supporting them on their journey, then apply to be our Skills Coordinator? You will be part of the Film Office team, reporting to the Skills Manager.

Your role will see you support North East based crew and those looking to get into the industry, offering insights on work opportunities, and give our Crew Academy members support and advice that will lead to them landing that next role. You’ll also look after our Crew Academy database, ensuring it is up-to-date and explore ways to grow and maintain it.

Apply now for the Skills Coordinator role.

You have until Midnight, Sunday 8th October to apply.

24/7 Pet Hospital – New series starting 6th February on BBC One

Posted on by Victoria Glass

Expect drama, emotion and plenty of heart-warming moments as we follow the work of a close knit pet hospital team who devote their lives to saving animals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With privileged access, viewers will bear witness to the staff’s highly specialised work as they tackle whatever comes their way in this new 10-part series.

Viewers will get to know the team from the Wear Referrals hospital in County Durham which, by day, is a specialist care unit treating animals with complex needs and conditions and by night transforms into an A&E unit responding to emergency cases from across the area.

The job always throws up surprises and staff can deal with anything from performing hip replacement surgery on tiny Shih Tzus and extracting corn on the cobs from boxer dogs to treating suspected kidney tumours on much-loved Labradors, wild owls injured by cars – and everything in between.

The series also follows the emotional pet owners who travel from far and wide with their beloved animals to get them life-saving care.

24/7 Pet Hospital has been produced for BBC One by Twenty Six 03, the Gateshead-based production company behind BBC Three series Angels of the North.

Commissioned by BBC Daytime and BBC England, this 10-part series starts on Monday 6 February at 10am.  

BBC invites North East locals to meet stars of upcoming 24/7 Pet Hospital series

Posted on by Victoria Glass

The BBC is inviting North East locals to meet the stars of its upcoming series 24/7 Pet Hospital – as well as bringing along their own furry friends – to a public event being held on Friday 3rd February.

Expect drama, emotion and plenty of heart-warming moments as viewers follow the work of Wear Referrals in County Durham as part of the 10-part series, whose close knit staff devote their lives to saving animals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s a specialist care unit treating animals with complex needs and conditions by day and by night it transforms into an A&E unit responding to emergency cases from across the area.

The job always throws up surprises and staff can deal with anything from performing hip replacement surgery on tiny Shih Tzus and extracting corn on the cobs from boxer dogs to treating suspected kidney tumours on much-loved Labradors, wild owls injured by cars – and everything in between.

As well as informative talks from the 24/7 Pet Hospital’s highly specialised staff, Sherpa the guide dog, Alfie the Shih Tzu and Nugget the Labrador who all make their TV debuts in the brand new BBC series, will be attending the public event at Hardwick Country Park in Stockton-on-Tees between 9am and 2pm.

Labrador and golden retriever cross Sherpa is a 10 year old guide dog for owner Denise who’s had him for eight years. Calm but sometimes mischievous, he found himself at the pet hospital when a lump removal wound wouldn’t heal.

Alfie is six years old and owners Christine and Glen have had him since he was eight weeks. He’s laidback, inquisitive and nothing phases him. Their local vet referred them to Wear when Alfie’s hip popped out of its socket whilst on a walk. Surgeon Maciej performed a hip replacement, which was the second major surgery he’d done on Alfie.

Labrador Nugget is seven years old and has lived with Walter, 87 all his life. He originally belonged to Walter’s daughter, who sadly passed away last year. Nugget loves walks and is a docile dog who will go up to others and say hello, even if he doesn’t get a very nice response! He found himself at Wear after scans showed abnormalities on one of his kidneys.

Helen Munson, BBC Daytime Commissioning Editor, said: “I can’t wait for our viewers to meet the staff and patients at the Pet Hospital. Get ready for some heart-warming telly as we look at the incredible expertise and loving care that goes into making our beloved pets well again.”

Antonia Hurford-Jones and Duncan Gray, Twenty Six 03 Executive Producers, said: “We’re excited to give people the chance to meet the Wear team and some of the stars of the show.”

24/7 Pet Hospital has been produced for BBC One by Twenty Six 03, the Gateshead-based production company behind BBC Three series Angels of the North.

Commissioned by BBC Daytime and BBC England, this 10-part series starts on Monday 6 February at 10am.  

The North East is declared Filming Friendly

Posted on by North East Screen

North East Screen, the regions screen agency, announces today that all 12 local authorities across the North East have signed up to their Filming Friendly Charter declaring the region officially Filming Friendly for TV and Film production. 

As production is increasing in the region, thanks to the investment and commitment of the BBC and the new North East Screen Industries Partnership (NESIP), the opportunity of attracting production companies to film in the region has never been greater.

The Charter, signed by the Chief Executive and Leader of each local authority and Chief Executive of North East Screen, Alison Gwynn, ensures each local authority works closely with North East Screen, assists productions through one point of contact and continues to align their processes and contacts to facilitate filming across all parts of the North East.

Gayle Woodruffe, Operations Director of North East Screen said;

“We’ve proved that big blockbusters such as Indiana Jones and Dungeons and Dragons are attracted to our region and in 2022 we had a record number of BBC programmes filming in the area but we want to see more – more feature films, more TV dramas, more documentaries, more returning series, more factual programmes.

We need to make sure the filming process is as efficient and straight forward as it can be so having the support and readiness of each local council to facilitate and understand the process will help us to achieve this.”

Katie Strachan, Film Office Manager at North East Screen said; 

“The economic benefits of production companies filming in our region can’t be underestimated. Productions are not only supported by our local authorities and local crew, but they also require a strong network of local businesses and facilities – from caterers to couriers, accommodation to security there are many services that can support the success of a production, and in turn benefit local business. By attracting more productions to the region, we not only want to grow the industry but encourage more businesses to support these productions and add value to our local economy.”

Gayle continued;

“We are delighted to be fully supported by the local authorities and combined authorities. We have the locations, the talent and the facilities and now this commitment will make us an even more attractive region to film in. ”


Lights, Camera, Gateshead

Posted on by Victoria Glass

Council chief executive Sheena Ramsey and Council Leader Martin Gannon, have signed a Filming Friendly Charter on behalf of the local authority with North East Screen – who are developing and championing North East England as a UK-leading film and TV production hub, where industry talent can live, create and work.

In signing the charter Gateshead Council recognises the positive economic and cultural benefits that hosting filming activity can have on the locality. In recent months Gateshead based production company Twenty Six 03 celebrated the broadcast of season 4 of Angels of the North and Signpost Productions produced Robson Green’s ‘Weekend Escapes’ to name just a few successes.

Gateshead has wonderful assets which compliment the regional screen industry, including PROTO’s Advanced Media Production Studio that offers a unique combination of technologies – Virtual Production, Motion Capture, Photogrammetry, 5G Private Networks and XR equipment that enables hands-on experimentation, training and skills development to address gaps that exist today in the creative industry.

The studio includes large LED volume and enhanced motion tracking capabilities will allow creative and digital companies to design and develop new content and experiences. PROTO will also be connected by a 10gbps private network with Target3D studio in London, a unique 5G connected research and innovation offer which bridges the gap between digital and physical.

Cllr Martin Gannon, Leader of Gateshead Council, said 

“Through signing the filming friendly charter, I am committing Gateshead to play its role in collaboration with the region to grow the screen sector. This is an opportunity for us to showcase the talent we have here in Gateshead but also the region. The creative talent is not just limited to the traditional roles we associate with the screen industry, but we also need skills such as joiners, electricians, caterers and hospitality.”

“By committing to the charter, we recognise the economic benefit that the sector can bring to Gateshead and the region, through attracting productions. We want the region to be recognised as a centre of excellence. We want to develop our own talent but also attract talent into the region across all aspects of screen production.”

Sheena Ramsey, Chief Executive of Gateshead Council, said:

“The Filming Friendly Charter is a fantastic opportunity for the North East to showcase all the hidden gems we have up here, including the amazing technology we have here in Gateshead at PROTO. The filming friendly charter brings a real opportunity for residents from across the region to thrive. I’m delighted that we are a part of the wider regional approach to creating a thriving screen sector that will benefit a whole host of different businesses and individuals. The sector is already proving to be an economic driver for Gateshead with companies relocating successful production companies to Gateshead from the south.” 

Duncan Gray, Founder of Twenty Six 03, said:

“In 2020, when we were filming Angels of the North, we discovered that Gateshead was an exciting place to run a creative business. At this point we were filming season 2 of Angels and decided to look at relocating our head offices from Brighton to the North East. As a region it is culturally rich and has a whole host of stories we can tell on TV. 

“During filming of Angels of the North we found Gateshead Council to be incredibly proactive, helpful and receptive to filming in the borough.

“Gateshead Council has a tradition of supporting creative enterprise and has shown itself to be forward thinking in ensuring that creative businesses have a place where they can succeed. When it came to establishing a formal head office in the North East it felt right to us that we came to Gateshead.”

Alison Gwynn, Chief Executive of North East Screen said:

“We are working closely with the North East Screen Industries Partnership and the BBC to encourage and promote filming across the North East. We want all parts of our region to benefit. It is important that each local authority area is committed to welcoming production crews and making the process of filming as smooth as can be. North East Screen will support them to do this. 

“The economic and tourism benefits of a production filming in our area and the jobs it can create for local crew, as well as local businesses across the supply chain, is something we don’t want any part of the North East to miss out on. We are delighted that Gateshead have signed up to the charter and look forward to working with them to encourage more filming in the borough.”

North East Production Fund

What is the North East Production Fund?

Supported by funding from the North East Screen Industries Partnership, the North East Production Fund is a discretionary funding scheme, managed and delivered by North East Screen.

Open to both local and national companies, the fund aims to catalyse the sustainable growth of the region’s film and TV production sector by investing in a portfolio of distinctive, high-quality projects that will collectively contribute to the North East region increasing the on-screen visibility and actively contribute to employment of locally based crew, spend in region and improved equality, diversity and sustainability.

Please ensure you have read the guidelines prior to completing the EOI. Guidelines can be found here.

Please complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) here.

Please note that all EOI’s and full applications will be assessed by independent industry experts and funding decisions are made by the North East Screen Industries Partnership Production Fund Investment Panel.


Film Office

& You

If you are considering filming in the North East our Film Office team are committed to making filming in the North East as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Whether you are looking for locations, crew, facilities, local information or contacts with local authorities, we’re here to help. We work with all types of production nationally and internationally. Broadcast TV Dramas include ITV’s VeraAfter the Flood, BBC’s Boat Story, CBBC’s The Dumping Ground and Danny and Mick, also for Netflix, Outlaw King, Frontier and Last Kingdom. Features include 1917, Dungeons and Dragons, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Jackdaw, The Old Oak and many factual programmes including Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes, Charlotte in Sunderland, We are Newcastle United, Sunderland ‘Til I Die, Ambulance, Scarlett’s Driving School, and Angels of the North.

Contact the team to discuss how we can support you.

Are you a production company looking for someone to join your team?

We have a well established crew database that you can find talented regional-based crew to support your production.

If you are looking for someone to join your team on work experience, as a trainee or a new entry runner position, we can match you with North East Screen Crew Academy members who have the skills and talent you need and are ready to work.

Speak to our Film Office to discuss your needs and how we can support.

Join our database so that productions in the region can find you! If you’re a production looking for crew – have a look at our crew database.

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North East Screen Film Office was an invaluable resource for us and it’s always good to know that there is a regional office that is proactive, engaged and knowledgeable. We’ve done two films already in the North East so already had a way in for lots of things and crew we liked working with but still we found reason to use the Film Office resource and even if North East Screen couldn’t necessarily help on some fronts they still checked in with us frequently which often brought to mind a question to ask!

Thanks for the support!

Eimhear McMahon
Sixteen Films

We received premium production support; we would not be able to do it without them. Our core team were not local, and the knowledge of the main locations, and access to the crew data base was extremely useful. The responsiveness, and fantastic customer service were deeply appreciated during the pre-production haste.

Special thank you to Katie of the Film Office

Evie Branka
Senior Producer

An absolutely perfect airport location, we had complete control of a brand-new airport check in for 12 hours.

(Teesside Airport)


At a precarious time for independent production in the regions, North East Screen’s Film Office has proven time and again to be an invaluable partner in helping to make our production far more achievable than it might otherwise be.

Ben Young
Shudder Films

We required a last-minute filming day for our fast turnaround VT for The One Show, the team at North East Screen were invaluable for us. They came back almost immediately and liaised between ourselves and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council to gain the necessary permissions and advice.

Although our ‘spend’ in the region was minimal i.e. food/petrol related costs, the value to our production as a whole was incalculable.

Jane Parkes
Production Coordinator
Screenhouse Productions LTD

The Film Office is an amazing service. They could not have been more helpful, proactive and lovely. A delight to work with.

Helen Morrell
Head of Production
Frieda TV

Very Happy with the North East Screen Film Office. You were an invaluable help and I couldn’t have put my production together without your assistance. Thank you.

Jack Cain
Nice Shirt Films




We support all incoming productions with locations and facilities shooting anywhere in North East England through our free service.

We’re also keen to find out from anyone wanting to register a new facility or update an existing facility. We want to provide the most comprehensive list for all filming requirements.

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Registering and

Using regionally based crew with local knowledge is beneficial to any production and can prove much more cost effective than bringing crew from outside the region. There is a wealth of experienced crew here in the North East, many of whom learnt their trade in the region, broadened their skills elsewhere and then returned to the North East bringing that knowledge and skills back with them. Our database allows you to search for the region’s best crew who will help make your shoot a success. We can also circulate job opportunities to specific grades and advertise using our social media channels and website.