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Our Talent and Business Development team offers support for home grown freelancers (writers, producers, directors and artists filmmakers) and supports production companies within the region.

From signposting to funding opportunities and support on pitch development to ensuring your business is fit for purpose and commission ready.

We identify national and international opportunities for North East production companies and talent and have a vast network and partnerships with key agencies, broadcasters and commissioners.

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We are very excited to welcome the Creative Cities Conference to the North East. We are sponsoring the event and it gives us an amazing opportunity to let content creators discover what the North East has to offer in terms of talent, people, locations and production companies. Find out more

Our North East Talent is amazing – check them a selection of them out!

Our North East Companies
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Bridge + Tunnel

Bridge + Tunnel is a BAFTA-nominated media production established in 1997 by award winning-director and producer Tina Gharavi, to support “unheard voices, untold stories”. The organisation is composed of  Bridge + Tunnel Productions and several independent ancillary companies who work together to make mainstream projects with a strong community, education and activist element at their core.

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Candle & Bell

Candle & Bell is an award-winning film, television, podcast and video content production company.
The company was founded in 2013 and in 2023 they celebrate 10  years in business. In 2017, they were named one of the TOP 50 Emerging Creative Companies in England. They are recipients of BBC Small Indie Fund 2023.

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Nova Mundi

Nova Mundi is a Teesside based production company with connections up and down the country and have a passion to get Northern voices heard and Northern creatives into work. Over the years, Nova Mundi directors Marc de Launay and Daniel-John Williams have worked with some of the best in the business. A small, dedicated team with years of experience behind them, working with and for many fantastic people and companies.

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Rivers Meet Productions

Rivers Meet Productions is a company based in the North East of England. Its director Robson Green has been involved in over 400 hours of Primetime Drama and over 300 hours of Primetime Factual series both in front and behind the lens.  Robson created Rivers Meet Productions in 2019 and has already produced award winning factual shows such as ‘Weekend Escapes’ for the BBC, along with Robson and Jim’s Fly Fishing Adventures for ITV. Rivers Meet Productions have been instrumental in creating an infrastructure in the North East where programmes with universal themes can be produced in the region.

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Signpost Productions

Signpost Productions is an award-winning production company based in the North East of England. It is a production house like no other, with diversity in our DNA. Every commission comes with a commitment that the production crew will be as diverse as possible. Signpost Productions is a production unit that is part of ITV, the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster. We produce more than 1,500 hours of content every year for broadcasters, businesses, commercial brands and digital channels.

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Middlechild (Northern Child)

Middlechild are based in the vibrant Seven Dials area of Brighton, and in the creative community of Ouseburn in Newcastle (Northern Child).

We are a passionate team of creative professionals making factual television and documentary films for broadcasters around the world. We conceive, develop, produce and bring to air entertaining programmes for all kinds of audiences, and reveal remarkable stories about extraordinary people in innovative ways.

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Twenty Six 03

Twenty Six 03 is a Gateshead based production company with a London satellite office, originally founded by Duncan Gray in 2015.

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Fulwell 73

Fulwell 73 announced its arrival to the film world with the release of their debut feature, “In the Hands of the Gods” (Lionsgate). They have produced some of the most critically lauded and commercially successful feature films and television programs released over the last decade. These include; “The Class of 92” (Universal), “One Direction 3D: This is Us” (Sony/Columbia) and “The Late Late Show With James Corden” (CBS).

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FilmNova was established in 1988 by Olympic bronze medallist Sir Brendan Foster to operate as the television production arm of the Great Run Company. From those roots, grew a company that now leads the way in UK athletics coverage and has expanded into all areas of sport production and diverse, creative content.

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MOTIF is the result of two life-long dreams to create a production company built on three values; quality, creativity, and reliability. We’ve got 20 years experience in producing films, creating animations, and making ideas a reality. We took all the love, care, and attention we have for what we do and created MOTIF.

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MCC Media

MCC Media is an award winning production company based in the North East of England. We specialise in broadcast and continuously have a range of projects in development.

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Lonesome Pine Productions

Lonesome Pine is committed to telling stories that inspire and entertain audiences across all platforms.
all platforms. Whether it be drama, comedy, documentary or music, storytelling is at the heart of our work.