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Channel 4 opens Emerging Indie Fund for 2023 applications

Posted on by North East Screen

Channel 4’s Emerging Indie Fund, which aims to help indies in the nations and regions grow their business, has opened for a new round of applications.

The Emerging Indie Fund 2023 provides practical support and opportunities for indies to help them scale their business through a combination of commissioner support, funding and training.

Selected indies will have a direct relationship with a commissioning editor within their chosen genre who will meet with the indie on a regular basis to discuss their slate. They will also meet regularly with Channel 4’s head of indie relations Rebecca Thompson, who will advise them on working with Channel 4 and growing their company.

Production companies will also benefit from online sessions with key departments within the channel, such as finance, corporate affairs and scheduling, to get a unique insight into Channel 4.

Thompson said: “Channel 4’s Emerging Indie Fund has a proven to be an incredibly effective mechanism for helping indies grow their companies and establish themselves as production partners. It’s vital that we continue to nurture emerging indie talent and help support the production sector in the nations and regions.”

Two production companies, Hill 5.14 Media and Motif Pictures, were supported by the Emerging Indie Fund in 2022.

Co-founder and managing director at Newcastle’s Motif Pictures, James Craggs, said: “I believe that the Emerging Indie Fund was a game changing experience for us as we develop and build our company.”

“It gave us vital insight into how a leading broadcaster goes about business. From there, it also allowed us to develop a relationship with a knowledgeable and experienced commissioner who gave us universal guidance, not just aimed towards what Channel 4 needs or wants so it’s improved us as a business, how we will approach our evolution and also how we develop and pitch ideas.”

The Emerging Indie Fund combines slate development funding with ongoing support from Channel 4. The funding can be used to bolster the indie’s development team with additional staff roles or consultants, or for other costs relating to the effective development of their slate.

Eligible indies may already have a track record with Channel 4 and should have a slate of ideas to discuss with a commissioner. The Emerging Indie Fund is seeking ideas that feature distinct voices and stories that are aligned with Channel 4’s editorial priorities and Future4 strategy. https://www.channel4.com/commissioning/future4-strategy

Applicants must also meet all of the following criteria:

  • Primary office and more than 50% of key creative decision-makers based in the Nations and Regions
  • A true indie in which no one broadcaster holds more than 25% of its shareholding
  • Turnover must be below £6m according to the latest set of accounts
  • Has a slate of content in development suitable for Channel 4
  • Evidence of a previous TV, film or digital production credit
  • No more than one previous Channel 4 linear series commissioned or recommissioned
  • No previous participation in the Emerging Indie Fund as a main awardee

Applications should be made through the online application form and the deadline for is 9am on Monday 19th October 2023. Further detailed information about the commissioning priorities of a specific genre is available on the 4Producers site.