REACH – Business Development Grant Awards

Please note that Reach is now closed.

The next round of funding is coming in March.



What is REACH?

REACH Film and TV Development Grant Awards are designed to fund the development phase of exceptional film and television projects that support the growth of eligible SME creative businesses based in the North East of England.

What does a successful project look like?

  • High-quality
  • Experienced team attached (or looking to attach)
  • A clear route to market
  • Match funding secured

Should I apply?

  • Do you have match funding?

REACH is match funding, therefore 50% of your total project budget must be pledged or in place at the time of application. All of the budget must be spent externally.

  • Are you a SME creative business based in the North East of England?

This grand award is only available to businesses who can prove they have an office in the region, are a legitimate business and will use the fund to develop their company. We are looking to support company growth.

Does your planned activity fit into at least one of the below categories?

  • Activity will support increased turnover
  • Activity will support increased profitability
  • Activity will provide support through expert advise/guidance
  • Activity will support organisation to apply for new contracts / new markets
  • Activity will increase organisations ability to negotiate sales or IP


  • Awards of £5,000 – £10,000 are targeted only at supporting established companies with a significant track record of commercial or critical success and therefore a likelihood of gaining further investment. We expect that demand for these will be far more competitive.
  • Reach funding unfortunately cannot be used to fund production of a piece without broadcast interest or film finance attached.
  • We are particularly interested to receive projects which offer significant opportunities to people currently under-represented in the sector.

The Application Checklist

  1. Application Form
  2. EDI Form 
  3. Business Support Eligibility Form
  4. Budget/Funding Template
  5. Employment Template (if applicable)
  6. Jobs Created / Safeguarded Template (if applicable)
  7. New Products Template (if applicable)


Please note – Your application will only be considered if you have sent us the above.